Tonbridge Town Team

What is the Tonbridge Town Team

Tonbridge Town Team was established as a result of the Portas Review published in 2011. Our main aim is help make Tonbridge a vibrant and exciting place to live, work, visit and do business.

To achieve this, we seek to link together businesses, local government, charities, clubs and the population as a whole. By working together, we aim to build a sustainable and prosperous town that draws together and maximises the potential of all its citizens.

There are already organisations and individuals who are doing fantastic things. We want to celebrate their achievements and work with them so they can make even more of an impact; to get the biggest possible bang for their bucks whilst adding something of our own to the mix.

Ours is a “can-do” philosophy. We want to encourage innovation and entrepreneurialism that builds on the community spirit that already exists within the town and its surrounding area. Our aim is to unlock that potential and turn it into practical outcomes.

We recognise that Tonbridge is better off in many ways than many towns up and down the country. But we also recognise that many of our fellow citizens struggle. Our vision is an inclusive one that values all members of our community and seeks to build bridges and enable all to prosper.

By working together and concentrating on what we can do rather than what we can’t, by being open to new ideas and matching enthusiasm with patient resolve we can continue to make our community not just a good place to live, but a GREAT place to live.


Howard Porter


Bob Taylor


Vivian Branson


Jeremy Whittaker


Paul Shilling


Matthew Ryde


Susan Adams


Sarah Strurt


Teresa Seamer